Thursday, November 15, 2007

Craigslist: the bottom of the creative Food Chain

I moved to Southern California a few months ago for grad school and have been angling to tap into the rich "Creative Gigs" market here in SoCal to continue my side job of photography.

L.A. is full of people who are creative and want to get paid for it because it is full of people who pay folks for artistic work (film, music etc.). We sit like hermit crabs at the bottom of the tank, waiting for some sweet morsel of a job to filter down to us, the bottom feeders.

The upside of this is that occasionally you get a gig, an interview or a job. The other upside is that some of the postings are so painfully hilarious you can laugh through your frustration at not being discovered yet. Check back from time to time for the most desperate/bizarre samplings L.A. Craigslist has to offer.


GORILLA SUIT/Special Effects Artist Needed

Reply to:
Date: 2007-10-02, 1:48PM PDT


We’re about to start shooting an ultra low budget SAG feature film and need someone who has access to or can create a LIFE-LIKE Silverback gorilla suit (walks on all fours, etc). Ideally, you are an exceptional special effects artist looking for some great exposure and recognition in a feature film. You should be familiar with prosthetics and possibly have a working knowledge of animatronics because our shots will include close-ups of the gorilla’s face, and we’ll need it to have a variety of expressions so it looks REAL.

Pay is negotiable, based on your experience and what you can create.

Please call Lemuel Hill (805.236.3389) immediately if you think you can help us out. Please send along resumes and portfolios to this address as well. Thank you!!

About our film…
"The Adventures of Umbweki”: A slapstick comedy about a young African tribesman, Umbweki, who leaves his tribe to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a Hollywood star. An eight year adventure ensues that includes many comical encounters along the way.

This project is targeted for theatrical release. Do to the nature of this family comedy (PG-13), we've been able to capture the attention of well-known television and film actors. Please look us up on IMDB under the title of the project. This is writer and executive producer Emil Lewis’ second project; he’s a true visionary whose prior projects include “Seth” (2006).

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  1. Nice ad. Like we all just have gorilla suits lying around...

    Your cotton candy photo looks like a ginormous dirty Q-tip. Haha! But I bet it tasted much better.


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