Thursday, January 17, 2008


Drawing is creeping back into my life... I think this is the Gerasene wild-man from Mark 5.

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  1. By golly! I think you drew Sasquatch!!!

  2. You are absolutely right. I suspect that if a whole herd of sasqatch had been present when Jesus cast the Legion of demons out of the man, they would definitely have chose to go into them. And oh man, we can only imagine the hijinks that would have ensued.

  3. HAHA! That's too funny. Yes, a herd of sasquatch has got to be much more fun to possess than mere pigs!

  4. Prowling the liminal spaces of your notes as he is, your creature cannot but bring to my mind Grendel, that "maerk-steppa," or boundary walker, who lurked in the outer limits of the moors and the fears of men.

    Some members of my Anglo-Saxon class have been doodling to life their visions of Grendel, Heorot (the mead hall), Grendel's mother, etc. You should give it a whirl; you'll bring joy to the heart of Dr. Gillian Overing, or at least provide a neighbor for your piece currently adorning my office wall.

    No "Vampire Weekend" on your list? Also wondering if you've heard the Magnetic Fields' "California Girls"? And yes, apart from Mac commercials, you and 'All Songs' are about my only source of new music these days.


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