Monday, June 30, 2008

Map for Summer Intensive on Judges

Map if Israel in the time of the Judges. A more accurate name for the book might have been "Warlords." Dr. Jeremy Smoak has us translating enough Hebrew text to make me feel like I'm a character in a Chaim Potok novel. I'm still having fun.


  1. We've been studying Judges in Sunday School and I am fascinated. I haven't read it since high school and apparently, I didn't pay much attention the first time around. It's hard to believe that God kept on forgiving and renewing the Israelites after their continuous whining and cycle of "backsliding". But I guess he does the same for us, doesn't he?

  2. Yeah,
    it's a really fascinating book. The scathing critique of the author really sticks out a lot more in Hebrew. It's also really interesting to see how people back then (and today I suppose in more tribal contexts) thought about God and how you relate to him and other spirits. Like making deals and sacrifices and blood debt. Really interesting stuff.


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