Monday, March 9, 2009


I started getting these smaller 8oz cokes to trick myself into drinking slightly less sugar-water.   These are drawn with a Waterman fountain pen in water soluble ink and shaded a bit with a Niji waterbrush.  Very fun, very mobile setup for sketches.


  1. My question is, are you drinking less soda since they are smaller? I did for a while. I was wasting soda most of the time, so have a can was good for me. They don't make it in decaf though:(

  2. Per serving, I'm drinking less because there is simply less coke there. Overall, because I'm keeping the fridge stocked, I'm drinking more. It was a conscious decision though. I was crossing the street to the machine in payton nearly every day...

  3. What kind of ink do you use with your pen for sketching?

  4. I believe that is Waterman brand black ink, though I sometimes use Pelican "Fount India: Drawing ink for fountain pens." It is much darker and I also use it to refil my Pentel Brush Pen.

    That plus the waterbrush on moleskine watercolor notebooks have become my favorite for mobile sketching. The coke cans above were sketched on a standard moleskine sketch book which has a thick, rigid paper which can stand up to water but it's not very porous so it tends to smear more and dry more slowly.

    What kind of pens do you use?


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