Saturday, March 14, 2009

Connect to everything you love in life... with Blackberry.

After reading Amy Laura Hall's book, reviewed below, I have a renewed desire not to let the lies and crazy values propagated by advertisers go unchallenged (not least in the presence of my children). Some require a bit of effort to unmask. Others are such blatant lies or half-truths as to make me laugh out loud.

"Connect to everything you love in life... with Blackberry."

I don't remember where I first heard of the practice of some Christian parents who talk back to their TV's and radios when they are saying things they disagree with, but I think it can be a very helpful practice of re-orientation for those of us who live with constant current tugging at us in the media-stream. After I recovered from my laughter at the absurdity of this claim that came from my computer, I simply said, "No."

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