Friday, April 24, 2009

Peter Storey on Prophetic Preaching

Peter Storey was back in full force the day after the Preaching Summit, lecturing (preaching?) for Clay Schmit and Marguerite Schuster's Homiletics classes in the preaching lab.  To say it was inspiring and challenging is an understatement.  Storey's age, experiences and commitment to speaking the truth as he sees it make him an important voice that the church in America would do well to heed.

Stand Out Quotes:
"If you're going to worry about losing members you'll never be a preacher."

"Aparteid would have ended 10 years earlier were it not for cowards in the pulpit."

When he began confronting apartheid in the pulpit, and the subsequent loss of many church members,
"For the cost of 200 members we became the church of God.  We became a real church."

"God's future is very disturbing to people who are comfortable now."

"People ask why the church [in America] has lost its voice.  It's simple.  It is too rich...  Prophets are never born out of comfortable churches."

"The problem is our location.  If we locate ourselve with the rich and powerful rather than with Jesus we will experience a tension between [our allegiance to the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world]."

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