Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tasty Quotes from the First Week of the New Quarter

"God sets men at different angles to the truth, so that one may see what others cannot, and, thereby, more of her virginal beauty and perenial loveliness be revealed.... Pluck the fruits of controversy from the New Testament tree, and you have not only stripped it of its most precious growths, but left teh branches so bare that they cease to be a sheltering home for the wearied nations of the earth."

- John Clifford, 19th century English, Baptist preacher and theologian, quoted by
Sydnor Lorenzo Stealey, A Baptist treasury, (New York: Crowell, 1958)
cited in
Bill Leonard, Baptist ways : a history (Valley Forge PA: Judson Press, 2003).

More drawings and art stuff are on the way soon...


  1. What's the larger context of this quote? Fascinating....

  2. Clifford was addressing the Baptist penchant for controversy and disagreement.

  3. Good quote... it personally brings to mind a lot of those inane arguments about the historical reliability of the Gospels by the Jesus Seminar and their colored beads.


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