Monday, August 31, 2009

Free iPods to Good Homes: Deadline Extended!

One week into the "Broken but Probably Fixed iPod" giveaway we have several folks in the running. I'm extending the non-existent deadline by an extra week (or more) for my own entertainment. Also, so that I can fix more iPods to keep up with the overwhelming response.

Below are quotes from some of the more entertaining attempts to garner my sympathy.

If you too need an iPod, there's still time. Click here and fill out the form, but please use your own name and address (Simon, this means you).



"I'm desperate. You're my only hope. I will probably go crazy worse if you don't give me an ipod now."

"You are participating in the sacrament of the most high God when you send me a free iPod."

This one begins a poem:

"A SEASON of missed songs - reliving them is bliss,
Close bosom-friends of this maturing son;
Conspire with him now to load and bless
Him with music from the tree that round Microsoft runs;"


  1. Wow. I rcvd an IPOD in the mail this day. No note - but a return addy to calif.
    I assume it came from you :) I am ready to jump headfirst into the new century.

    Thanks Matt!

    bruce (aka Ben's uncle)

  2. Hah! Appologies on the tremendous delay. We had a baby in the intervening time. I hope it still works and I hope you enjoy it. A good 2-3 hour charge is probably the first thing you should do. :)


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