Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Mysteries of Market Analysis

I finished college with money left over from what my mom saved for me to go to college. I've kept that money invested in mutual funds with a company called Edward Jones since then. Lately my "financial advisor" (the guy who gets a commission from everything I
invest) has been sending me risk assessment reports like the one below. I read the intro and conclusion. It's like peering through a strange mirror.

It's hard for me to imagine the vast networks of humans whose job it is to take something like the election of Senator Brown or healthcare reform and distill it down to probabilities of how the medical sector will perform as an industry.

This probably just further illustrates how naive or isolated I am from the economic reductionism that drives so many crucial decisions in our society. But the contrast is so stark between this way of viewing the world and that of the Seminary world I am immersed in. This strikes me as either a problem or an illustration of the alternate vision of reality faithfulness to Jesus calls us to live. Either way, the manner in which this document strikes me as bizarre suggests that I need to get out more, if only to better know the dominant narrowness of scope I need to challenge.

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