Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Justo Gonzalez at Fuller Seminary

Justo Gonzalez spoke at Fuller's Chapel today. He articulated the way the process of translation across the boundaries of language and culture have been a part of the Christian story from the very beginning (Pentecost). This means that no one language or culture has a corner on the gospel message and all of us know it most fully when we are engaged in conversations across those boundaries. This notion is central to my understanding of the Christian faith and it was a pleasure to hear it stated so well.

I'm well past the honey-moon period with my studies at Fuller but I can still say with honesty that the seminary understands this fact and is further along the slow journey moving towards reflecting this reality than any other school I know of.

If you are interested in reading some of Justo Gonzalez' profound and profoundly accesible prose but are intimidated by his massive works of Church history, let me recommend the slim volume, Santa Biblia: the Bible Through Hispanic Eyes, which focuses on the issue of translation and looks within the Bible itself for guidance on how this process unfolds.

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