Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"One of my favorite outside crafts to do"

This is a video of my oldest daughter drawing with chalk. She draws at least as much as she plays, if not more. In this video she says that drawing with chalk is "one of my favorite outside crafts to do." For her, a craft is anything involving drawing or making something. Often they involve messes but most days I'm happy this is how she chooses to spend her time.

Next week I'm helping a friend do a workshop on drawing with a particular emphasis on sketching. One of the ideas I hope to get across is that drawing, sketching and all kinds of art can be a wonderful part of life that fit in without demanding a lot of time energy and preparation. And, it can be a wonderful way to spend a breezy California afternoon on the porch.


  1. oh my, I LOVE her shoes - but more her spirit. :) Good luck with the workshop!

  2. Kristin,
    those shoes receive a lot of love. So much so that their glitter is nearly gone.

    The workshop was a blast. I'm hoping to do more unofficial sketching in public with people invited to come with on campus and off.


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