Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I shoot kids

...Birthday Parties.

I haven't had a lot of time for photo projects for hire lately with my work and school.  However, when Powell's mom, Bianca, emailed to see if I was available to do a follow-up to my shoot last year of her son's first birthday, I had such fond memories of the celebration last year that I couldn't refuse.


  1. What camera is responsible for these near-perfect photos? Wow. Beautiful.

  2. Neville,
    glad you liked these. I shot this with a relatively cheap Canon Digital Rebel XT, which you can pick up used on Amazon for ~$375 however I highly recommend springing for at least the XTi b/c it has a self-cleaning sensor and dust on the sensor is a problem for this camera.

    But the real secret is a lens with a low aperature. These were all shot with a 50mm 1.8, which retails for about $100 on the Canon system and is by far the best value lens you can buy. The low aperature lets you get the shallow "blurry" depth of field.

    I also have to credit the family for having a beautiful home flooded with sunlight and white surfaces for it to bounce off of. They had no lights on in the house as I recall from 4-5p when I shot these.

    The digital SLR's are so good now, even an entry level camera can get great results but most people never move beyond the "kit" zoom lens which usually doesn't yield as good of results. Zoom lenses are convenient but they never have as good of aperature and on the whole tend to have focal lengths at which they look bad. You have to step back sometimes with the 50mm but it's worth it to be able to shoot in candle-light without flash.

  3. those first and last shots really could be in some ad for kids products or something


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