Monday, November 22, 2010

Face in Books

I found some books for free the library was giving away. They had nice paper so I didn't want to see them go to waste.  They were a series of periodicals on the discipline of "Spiritism."  At the turn of the century what is now seen as fringe science was still being studied and was on the same edges with psychology such that even a Christian School of Psychology might want them in its library's collection.

No more.  The current boundaries of the possible have little room for spirits.  Charon makes an appearance because I was reading Dante's Inferno for  Dr. James Bradley at the time I drew these.  The more I read that book the harder I find it to take him seriously.  It continues to fascinate me how natural an expression that work is of an attempt to reconcile a pre-christian "pagan" worldview with with the Christian present.  It fascinates me all the more because I think this process of reconciliation and the blending of narratives and ascribing new meaning to old patterns is at the heart of how we change our minds and migrate from one life-world to another.

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