Sunday, December 25, 2011

Danielson: Or Why I'd Be Happy Paving the Way for a Sufjan Stevens

The same day Elijah and I discussed the Program, we were actually there to discuss Danielson: A Family Movie.

 I stumbled upon this film via Netflix and I couldn't stop thinking about it over a week later. Elijah watched it and then we had to talk. The conversation below unfolded from our need to unpack how profoundly we felt this film captured some aspect of our shared sense of calling, as people of faith, to do art.

A few months later The Danielson Family came to Los Angeles and Elijah and I had to go.  I drew this sketch while standing there on the front row.  That's not anger on his face I was trying to capture, it's Daniel Smith's blistering, vivid, precise intensity.

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