Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can we hang out soon?

    • I'd like to share a conversation with a dear friend with whom I'm not able to spend as much time as either of us would like.

    • can we hang out soon?
  • Matt Lumpkin
    34 minutes ago
    Matt Lumpkin
    • I'd like that. 
      However I am notoriously hard to schedule with. 

      Successful applicants will:

      - withstand multiple rejected offers before a successful time is found
      - have an awareness of the natural rhythms of parented life:
      after work (5p) and before bed time (~8-8:30p) are sacrosanct family time unless you...
      - join us for dinner and then occupy yourself while we get kids bathed and in bed, or better yet, 
      - supply dinner (this strategy has enabled Simon Castagna and I to work on music together on two separate and very enjoyable occasions).  We welcome dinner guests are willing to join us in considering our children as humans worthy of room being made in the conversation.
      - text after 9p or so with an offer to drop in and play skyrim beer & chips also help).
       - understand that weekends are mostly set aside for focused family time. But Saturday and Sunday nights sometimes work.
      - drop by my office (#305 in the Library) or invite me to coffee or lunch during the workday.
      - join my family and neighbors for Friday night dinner and board games at 7p, every night.
      - understand that I went to the trouble of typing this out because I really do value your friendship and would like to see more of you.


  1. Understood. When's a good night for us to drop by with dinner?
    Also, I owe you a returned phone call, a debt I look forward to paying.

  2. Anytime Ben. Though plans are materializing for Melody and Eleanor to beat you to the punch.


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