Monday, April 8, 2013

On the Leakiness of Surveillance Culture, the Corporate Gaze, and What That Has To Do With the New Aesthetic | Quiet Babylon


We are living inside a Cambrian explosion of entities of varying independence and varying physicality, some quite compact and individual, others smeared across great expanses of space and time. Some tied very much to a medium, others extruding parts of themselves into the biosphere, the noosphere, the memesphere, the digisphere.
I'm interested in the aesthetics of the corporate readable world, and their truly alien gaze.

Corporations communicate to us through money, press-releases, and advertising, always advertising. For a glimpse of the corporate readable world, look to Twitter's routinely useless "who to follow" panel, Klout's laughable ideas about what you are influential about, Facebook's clumsy attempts to get you to join a dating site, and Google's demented, personalized, Gmail ads. You can see it in your credit rating, and your position on the actuarial tables. You can see it in Blackwater/Xe/Academi's attempt to conceal itself by shedding names like a trickster god shedding skins."

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