Saturday, March 15, 2008

8 Years of Film Scanned into the Cloud

I've recently taken advantage of my friend, Matthew Geddert, and his negative scanner to make digital copies of my favorite film photos from my past eight years of film photography. Some of the best I've put on Picasa for all to see.

Most of them are centered around major travel as one might expect, but the "Woods" and "Misc" albums hold a few surprises.

You can select by album from the links below and don't be afraid to comment!

Applogies for the duplicate post to those of you who also read the baby blog.

Film Scans - Woods

Film Scans - United Kingdom

Film Scans - Germany

Film Scans - China

Film Scans - Indonesia

Film Scans - Miscellaneous

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  1. I'm looking forward to looking through your pictures. And, by the way, thanks for your comment at Building Church Leaders. I didn't expect to see your name there.


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