Sunday, March 30, 2008

AAR/SBL Regional Meeting

Everyone was reading papers. That's why it looks like their eyes are closed.
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  1. Do you pay attention while you're drawing these people? Just wondering...I don't think I could but I'm not that talented in multi-tasking creatively.

  2. Actually,
    it helps me pay attention. I suspect it's a different part of my brain that's engaged. If I'm not doing this I'm feverishly taking down notes which can be more distracting, strangely.

    I don't do it in classes where I'll need to be studying the notes later and I do write stuff down around the pics sometimes. It also makes these sorts of lectures much more enjoyable and I can digest what they're saying more. It's also a reminder that everyone's ideas coming from a very particular place, situated in their person, their face.


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